Thursday, July 12, 2012

Classical Wood Carving, Entranceway Restoration, North Chatham Methodist Church ~ Click any image to enlarge.

Classical Wood Carving

Some views of repair to the eaves and roof of the North Chatham United Methodist Church.

This custom made cricket is not nailed through but instead fastened with clips. The cricket diverts water away from the valley at the chimney.

Applying sheathing over an unstable base such as these old shakes that should have been stripped from the deck boards is substandard workmanship. Note the piecemeal application of sheathing and gaps. I have seen many thousands of dollars worth of damage from faulty roofing jobs. Do your homework carefully when hiring a roofer.
Here the sheathing is floating due to the excessive distance away from the deck. Most of the staples in the roofer applied sheathing missed the deck and attached to unstable splintered and rotted shakes. This is especially troubling in view of the fact that stripping the shakes is an easy job.
Reconstruction of a nice entrance way.
Build new side lights, replace threshold, repair sill and repair  panels.
There was a time capsule behind this panel! Blueprints of the architect designed addition and improvements and the day's newspaper! Western red cedar is warranted in this kind of work. See the link at the top of the page to learn why.
Right Side
Left Side

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Porches, Stairs and Misc. (Click any image to enlarge)

Shop help taking a break.

Turning a new 16" capital .
The tapered staves glued in place.

Cutting in the flutes.
Below is the new facade and column.

The owner wanted this set of stairs reversed and to be enclosed. This would also have the basement stairs being reversed as well.
The oak for the stairs and the wide pine wainscot was hand planed to match existing work in this 18th century home in Upper Red Hook, Dutchess County, NY.
A small shelf  and a plaque built as donations to Historic Albany's Silent Auction. I am a professional woodcarver and carved period reproduction fireplaces for fourteen years.
           Spraying for carpenter ants and then not calling a carpenter is like getting in the lifeboats but not detaching them from the ship. Ants infest wet, damp and rotting wood to nest in. You need to address the moisture problem as the rot will continue. Rodents burrow easily though rotting wood.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dining Room Makeover ( Click to enlarge any picture)

The walls of the 27’ dining room were stripped of their wallpaper to reveal no finish coat of plaster underneath. The walls and parts of the ceiling were skim coated and primed. The crown was constructed in three parts, two profiles I produced in my shop and one that was special ordered. The scale of the old corner cabinets seemed wrong for the room and the soon to be added crown molding. I removed the pediment and old pilasters and made new, wider pilasters with a larger beading profile. I raise them eight inches and added plinth blocks to the base and made a panel to extend the top to the ceiling.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Window Restoration, Bathroom Remodel, Plaster Restoration

Plaster moulding repair, restoration and skim coating.

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